Our services include everything from developing research objectives to designing a survey instrument, choosing a vendor, supervising data collection, analyzing the data, preparing a report and presenting the findings.  We’ll determine the best mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to best meet your objectives.

Qualitative research, such as focus groups, interviews, or ethnographies, tells us which issues are important, and where we should focus our attention. Quantitative research reveals the scope and depth of these issues.  How important are they? What proportion of customers or potential customers have these concerns?  How do the issues affect the customer relationship?

  • We help you define your research objectives, which can range from big (we want to understand how consumers use their mobile phones to shop) to small (on this particular device, which feature is used most often?)
  • We design custom research with your budget and schedule as paramount concerns. Depending on your needs, we might use any of the following methodologies:
    • Online survey among your customers
    • Online survey among a more general population
    • Telephone survey
    • Paper survey
    • One-on-One interviews – We often conduct qualitative research to gather information to develop the questionnaire for the quantitative research.
  • We have a wide network of vendors and research partners.  We’ll choose the right vendor for your research.
  • We manage the vendor every step of the way, from choosing the sample to pretesting the survey instrument, monitoring phone calls, examining the data, and structuring the output.
  • We’ll show you the answers to your questions, and help you interpret them for your business.

But what does it all mean?  Our favorite part is the recommendations, the part where we help you use the insights to change and grow your business.  We’ll find the story in the numbers, and show you how to use what we’ve learned.

I found Valerie through my professional network and I am so glad I did! One of our clients needed quantitative research conducted about feature use and usability, and it’s not easy to find someone who does that type of work. Valerie was perfect for the engagement. She quickly understood the client’s product and requirements for the research, she drafted an initial survey speedily, she incorporated feedback from myself and my client with ease, and then oversaw development and deployment of the survey.

When the survey was complete, she assessed the data and presented the findings, effectively calling attention to some very important data that directly influenced a critical product decision. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Her ability to look at the numbers and extract actionable and important information was extremely valuable. Her high degree of professionalism and responsiveness was refreshing. I highly recommend her, and actually can’t wait until I myself have another opportunity to work with her!”  Gitta Salomon, Swim Interactive Design